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In the information stated in this prospectus, ART8 Token is Version 1,0. This document is valid as of the date of publication and may be changed in the future, therefore there is no obligation to announce the updates and changes to be made.
The information stated in the document for the future is not definite.

This document does not constitute any investment advice and does not invite the purchase of ART8 Tokens.

“According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, it is prohibited to shop with digital assets within the borders of Turkey.”


Table of Contents
Why “Yes To Art”?
The Developer Team
Our Services
Digital Asset Page
ART8 Tokens

  1. About ART8 Token
    b. About Its Technology
    c. Token Economy
    d. Company Structure
    e. Aid Purposes




Yes To Art (ART8 Token) is an artist community established in Turkey with a partnership structure of independent artists. Yes To Art has been established to list ART8 digital asset trading platforms and services on both globally-based and decentralized exchanges. ART8 Token does not trade its own digital assets in-house.
This prospectus provides detailed information about the service token ART8 Token, created by Fikret Sanal. ART8 Token is an integral part and power of the blockchain and crypto assets ecosystem created by Yes To Art Artists.


Yes To Art Community ART8 was formed in 2021 with the aim of complying with the system of the developing and digitalizing world. It aims to support the artists who cannot find a place in the world and who are thrown out of the possibilities that are in the hands of the big capitalist order and to meet their artistic needs.

ART8 Token’s dominance on platforms is completely independent. The fact that Yes To Art ART8 Token belongs to the artist community ensures our freedom in the operational process. We aim and support the increase of digital asset adaptation on this path we set out by believing in the intellectual principles of digital assets.
In line with this purpose, we attach importance to the fact that ART8 Token is user-friendly, open to the ideas of the community and innovative. As ART8 Token, we want to spread the technological experience and income we have gained as a result of all these developments in the artistic field and also we want to be a light for the artists of the future.

We aim to enable all art groups to experience crypto assets with ART8 Token and contribute to mass adoption.

With ART8 Token, we will invite our users to new experiences by creating different usage scenarios in the future. We have started this journey with Yes To Art community consisting of 30 (thirty) theater actors, musical artists, painters and various artists.


Why ART8 Token and Why Yes To Art Community?


Yes To Art Community is a community formed by professional artists in Istanbul. In this path we set out to support the artists who are the mirrors of society, our aim is to follow the innovations brought by technology and to take part in it, to meet the artistic needs of amateur artists all over the world, to make their works appreciated today not after they die, to make their free thoughts heard, to promote the plays they stage and to meet their artistic needs.

Our Mission: “Our Mission is to be the voice of artists with the opportunities offered by the new generation eco system and technology, to carry our community in Turkey across borders and to bring together art and artists across borders, to make the world more beautiful with art, to exist with art with a livable human-oriented consciousness, to be a mirror in the construction of society.”

Our Vision: “To be the voice of art in the world on a global scale.”

The aim of our organization is to bring our community together with other art societies in the world and to support artists who are not self-sufficient in this field, to contribute to the acquaintance of the world’s art communities with digital assets and to support them.

As of the day this prospectus was published, we ensure that all our users are able to securely perform transactions in the digital asset ecosystem with our team of 32 people.
All projects put forward by Yes To Art Community are candidates to prove the quality of their functioning for the community. As a team that is self-sufficient and constantly expands its borders, we always aim for a better world.

Our Developer Team of ART8 Token consists of system architects and security experts with many years of banking and software experience.


Our Services

As Yes To Art Group, our services regarding artistic activities.
Our Services, including but not limited to;
(a) Artistic Value Trading.
(b) Selling tickets for Artistic Events.
(c) Artist payments for artistic activities.
(d) Charitable Activities: Yes To Art ART8 Token aims to meet the artistic needs of artists in the world, to be a light to the society in the world and to protect the ecological balance.


ART8 Token Digital Asset will be listed on https://pancakeswap.finance as of 01.11.2021.


  • Our Vision

In addition to taking our place in the developing digitalized world, to support international artists and to provide artistic opportunities with the fields we carry out artistic activities.

  • Our Mission

To be among the largest digital assets in the world as ART8 Token. With this digital asset, to support artists who look at the world better and artists who make the world a better place.


Yes To Art ART8 Token

  • ART8 Token is the strongest element of the ecosystem created by Yes To Art Community.
  • ART8 Token has been generated on the Binance blockchain with the contract address 0x1D8a422271A4C42A4d8a713495ce0D9a28a5fBe5. ART8 Tokens can be stored in all digital asset wallets that support BNB and ERC-20 protocol.
  • 21,500,000,000 (twentyonebillionfivehundredmillion) ART8 Tokens have been created. In this context; 6,500,000,000 (sixandahalfbillion) of the total generated tokens will be burned as they are burnable. The total number of assets will be 15,000,000,000 (fifteenbillion).

Within the scope of the loyalty project, there has been no token separation between Yes To Art Community and the team.

All ART8 Tokens are presented to the registered users on https://pancakeswap.finance/ and other centralized and decentralized exchanges.